[Grinder] Do you know the current status and future of CNC surface grinder technology?

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Now that it has developed to Industry 4.0, machine tools must be numerically controlled. Grinding King today will share with you the development and prospects of CNC surface grinding.

Now that it has developed to Industry 4.0, machine tools must be numerically controlled. Grinding King today will share with you the development and prospects of CNC surface grinding.

The modern manufacturing industry is developing from the competition of reducing labor costs and product costs, and improving the overall efficiency and quality of the enterprise, to the competition of fully satisfying customer requirements and actively developing new products. Knowledge-technology-product upgrade cycles are getting shorter and shorter, product batches are getting smaller and smaller, and the requirements for quality and performance are higher. At the same time, the society's awareness of environmental protection and green manufacturing is constantly strengthening. Therefore, agile and advanced manufacturing technology will become an important way for enterprises to win the competition. The combination of computer information technology and manufacturing automation technology is getting closer and closer. As an important basis for automated flexible production, CNC machine tools will account for more and more of the production machine tools.

The status quo of CNC surface grinder and CNC system

Industry Overview

Compared with lathes and milling machines, the surface grinder adopts numerical control systems late because of its special requirements for numerical control systems. In the past ten years, with the help of CNC technology, continuous dressing of grinding wheels, automatic compensation, automatic exchange of grinding wheels, multiple worktables, automatic transfer and clamping of workpieces and other operating functions have been realized. CNC technology has gradually become popular on surface grinders. In recent domestic large-scale machine tool exhibitions, CNC grinding machines have accounted for the majority of the entire grinder exhibits. Full-featured CNC flat grinding has become the mainstream. While developing high-end CNC flat grinding, it has begun to actively develop medium and low-end CNC flat grinding.

Unique needs of CNC grinders

The unique needs of the CNC grinding machine industry, machine tool manufacturers are also actively developing the mechanical part, and put forward unique control requirements for the CNC system of the grinding machine. There are:

Inclined axis control: When the axis is inclined, linear and circular interpolation can also be performed.

Spindle swing: In the operation cycle that often occurs in grinding, use external signals to interrupt the execution of the program, the grinding wheel cut in, the grinding wheel dressing and other special preparation functions, and the fixed cycle program is compiled. It can not only use an external measuring device, but also directly control the device and compare the final size when a suitable measuring head is connected. Grinding tool grinder micro signal: grinding001

Enhanced fixed grinding method: according to the different shapes of the grinding parts, there are four different grinding methods, with the function of controlling the angle of the grinding wheel shaft, a complete set of grinding cycles, grinding wheel Dressing compensation function, the dresser controls the normal direction of the dressing wheel, and the radius compensation function of the outer edge of the dressing roller. The system resolution can be set to 0.1μm, which is a compact CNC system.

The CNC system for plane and profile grinding machine tools has flexible axis control expansion requirements; it can control up to 9 coordinates, of which 6 coordinates can be linked, the minimum pulse equivalent, movement equivalent and detection equivalent are all 0.1μm, and flat grinding is also used Fully closed loop method of linear position sensor [grating scale, inductive synchronizer].

The flat grinding manufacturer develops its own software, which is more suitable for surface and profile grinding. For example, the German Jung company adopts the company's special software, uses the jungkontur programming language to shape and trim the grinding wheel, and has graphic auxiliary operation functions. Japan's Okamoto company has developed the opl language for grinding processing, and so on. Grinding tool grinder micro signal: grinding001

The increasing development of technologies and processes such as linear motors and dynamic balancing has greatly improved the ergonomics of machine tools, and the development and utilization of CNC systems by the application of appropriate measurement technology.

Coordinate CNC forming grinder

Coordinate cnc profile grinder, its vertical and horizontal are CNC axes, and the longitudinal direction is hydraulic control. The grinding wheel dressing adopts diamond rollers installed on the worktable, which has a wide range of applications; three-coordinate cnc plane and profile grinder, the bed is made of natural granite , High geometric accuracy, linear rolling guide rail, mechanical drive without backlash, so as to ensure that the workpiece has a better surface finish; to improve the product, the bed is made of artificial granite, and the vertical and horizontal rails are driven by static pressure rails. Loaded linear rolling guide, ball screw drive, three-axis cnc control and full digital ac servo motor, 0.5μm resolution. Contemporary grinding machine products with the latest technology have developed into a variety of high-efficiency special grinding machines, and have the functions of tilting the grinding head, continuous dressing, and oblique cut-in grinding.

New technology outlook

At present, with the continuous improvement of semiconductor integration, the newly introduced system is becoming more and more compact in structure, and the function is increased by high-speed communication, remote diagnosis, multi-machine networking, etc.; the operation interface is developing toward simplicity, and the system structure is progressing toward compactness. . The execution speed is fast, and the number of pre-reading processing for a single section can reach 1000. It has aart (pre-adaptive adjustment technology) and parameter optimization learning functions, which can make the following error approach zero. The software processing path filter can reduce the cutting process. Mechanical resonance caused by excessive acceleration changes, thereby improving surface roughness; equipped with digital servo, with ±10v analog servo interface, PLC programming has five grammars such as ladder diagram, structure statement, function block, instruction code, and flowchart , Easy to design and maintain; with computer remote communication, instant remote maintenance functions. Grinding tool grinder micro signal: grinding001 professional depth


For the CNC system provider, it adopts flexible and open mechanisms to meet industry needs to the greatest extent, integrates multiple technical applications, and strengthens the automatic control functions of machine tools. At the same time, it is also the development direction of CNC in the grinding machine industry