What are the characteristics of automatic surface grinders?

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Features of moving surface grinder:

Features of moving surface grinder:

One. The processed parts have high precision and stable quality. The positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the automatic surface grinder are very high, and it is easier to ensure the consistency of the size of a batch of parts.

Second, the degree of automation is high, which can reduce the operator's physical labor intensity.

Third, the size marking should conform to the characteristics of automatic surface grinder processing.

Fourth, unified geometric type or size. It is better to adopt a uniform geometric type or size for the shape and inner cavity of the part, so that the number of tool changes can be reduced, and it is also possible to apply a control program or a special program to shorten the length of the program.

5. Reliable positioning reference. In grinding machine processing, the processing procedures are often concentrated, and positioning with the same reference is very important to facilitate the development and modification of new products.

Six, high production efficiency. Automatic surface grinder processing is capable of processing multiple processing surfaces in clamping again, and generally only detects the first part, so it can save a lot of intermediate processes in ordinary machine tool processing.