The VMC series vertical machining center uses finite element analysis software (Ansys) to optimize the design, which makes the machine structure design more reasonable, and the machine rigidity, accuracy retention, and reliability are approaching perfection. The machine bed, table, column, milling head, etc. are all made of high- strength cast iron. After secondary tempering and aging treatment, the structure of the reinforcement is optimized to make the machine performance more consistent with the requirements of processing characteristics and stability.

The wide sliding track of the base adopts the four track design. All the slide rails are subject to high cycle heat treatment and precision grinding.With the help of fluoride resin with wear resistance, low resistance and low friction coefficient, they slide smoothly with each other to ensure the accuracy of the machine.

VHC series high rigidity vertical machining center has a variety of cutting functions such as drilling, milling, boring and reaming. It is suitable for large-diameter cutting tools with large feed and heavy cutting. The product structure is reasonable, the quality is stable, and the operation is simple.

MCH series moving column horizontal machining center is our company's introduction of foreign technology, digestion and absorption; the use of mechatronics design, beautiful appearance, can be high- -speed precision cutting. Which can automatically and continuously perform multiple processes such as milling,drilling, boring, expanding, reaming, tapping, tapping, etc.